Will Create The Systems You Need

We are on a market for more than 10 years! We support our customers in many countries of the world, mostly, focused in Asian and European markets. Our goal is to save your time and money along with better reliability and accessibility by developing software to your needs. Our software is written in-house by our high-skilled developers.

Our services

Programming, Consultancy and Training Services
IT4EMPIRE can help and advise in all aspects of the software development cycle: Analysis and Design, Programming, Testing, Data Conversion, Implementation & Training.
Providing ETL processes
We offer the regulating of ETL processes on your side, integration of different data sources on the client’s side: import data from another database, autoimport data that is based on the information from email, public registers and ect.
Segmentation, Data Mining and other Data Services
Our team has a huge experience in data processing and analysis. We plan the customer's workflow focusing on its effectiveness. We make customer's segmentation to individual indicators and their combinations, considering the importance of each of them. We analyze current and forecast future results depending on the chosen strategy of development.
IT Help Desk
Your team works diligently to provide for your customers – our Helpdesk does the same for you. Whether you need assistance downloading an update or have trouble with an application crashing, we provide Help desk support 24/7. We speak multiple languages: English, Russian and Czech.
Quality Assurance
The essential part of our projects is connected with Quality Assurance. QA department, the largest team in our company, performs testing of various software, web and mobile applications to bring projects up to standard. We provide various testing services: from manual up to stress testing and test-driven development.
QA Automation
We have been providing end-to-end QA automation services since 2011. Whether you are looking for custom test automation framework or looking to extend your capacity by adding an offshore test automation team, our service is for you.

Our advantages

High motivated-skilled team

We are experienced Engineers ,Technicians and organized management team assuring always our best services and wide range of quality products suiting to your requirements.

Supporting 24/7

We offer the supporting of any information system (or application) that is based on such technologies as: Java, C#, VB, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreeSQL, Angular, REST, SOAP, Flash, JavaScript, TypeScript and others.

Customized solution

Development of projects for the customer's tasks without the use of "box solutions".


We can help with creating, optimizing the client’s reporting with the help of MS SQL Reporting Service. the reports can be graphical, in different format types, for example, pdf, xls. Also we can provide the automatic sending of the reports in any time (daily, weekly, monthly).


We provide a full range of services and supporting solutions to help our clients implement and develop their ideas with our highly skilled staff of software engineers and seasoned security professionals.

Planning and following the deadlines

Detailed planning of all stages before the start of development and compliance with deadlines

Multi language communication

We speak multiple languages. The main are English, Russian and Czech languages. Also we have the colleagues in Slovakia, India, Philippines, who are ready to help.

We create products based on reliable technologies