Small Business CRM

We create the software for small business automation. We identify needs, design, program, implement and train employees.

What is Small Business CRM?

SB CRM (Small Business CRM) is a flexible web application designed to help you to do business. Small Business CRM allows you to manage business data accurately, easily and flexibly, this facilitates internal communication in the company and makes for a more efficient workflow. SB CRM primarily focuses on small business, such as beauty salon, car wash, auto repair, repair of clothes and ect.

The main features of CRM

  • 1
    Information is available from any location where there is Internet
  • 2
    Clear algorithm of cooperation with partners and customers
  • 3
    Automation of work with documents
  • 4
    Accelerating customer service and making deals
  • 5
    The speed of obtaining analytical information, reports
  • 6
    Analysis of staff effectiveness
  • 7
    Unified base of customers, services and staff, that can be managed

Let's work together on how to implement the CRM in your business

Tell us about your business and we will advise how to implement CRM for you. We will be happy to advise on any professional issue and do it absolutely for free, just call us or fill out the form.