Ant Collection System

Ant is a specialized collection software.

The solution can be modified and customized, according to the individual requirements of the client. If necessary, integration with other products is possible.

Goals of System

A systematic approach to managing user rights and permission

Minimization of resources necessary for maintenance and support of processes

Automation of the routine (often recurring) processes

A friendly and intuitive interface for system operators

Advantages of Ant Collection System

Roles and accesses

Configuring and delimitation of roles and accesses for different groups of users

View of system

Intuitively understandable interface


Record-keeping of all users' activities in system

Informative database

Inputting, processing and storage the information about the debtors and debts

Work with debtors

Ability to work with individuals and legal entities


Ability to use different types of filters for searching the cases in the base


Creating of optional attributes

Informative debtor’s profile

Ability to see a debtor's debt, the duration of the delay, time of work with the case in the profile

Control of work

Efficient control of work the company's employees

Case history

Storing the history of work with debtors

Info about contacts with debtors

Inputting, processing, storage and control of information about contacts with debtors (phone calls, E-mail, SMS)


The ability of using the automatic system AutoDialer for calling to the debtors

Outgoing correspondence

Generation of outgoing correspondence to debtors (also the group one)

Debtors’ payments & promises

Input, processing, storage of debtors' promises and payments

Export of data

Uploading the files from system in EXCEL-format


Providing of information safety

Import of data

Ensure the loading into your system data about debtors in .CSV-file format


Providing the forming of reports

Mass SMS

Mass generation of SMS to debtors