Telesales SW

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What is Telesales SW?

Telesales SW is a solution for small call campaigns with basic call script. It provides simple user interface for call operators. It is focused on solving tasks per priority, with possibility of postponing tasks for future date (for occasions such as receiver is busy at the moment, etc.)

Main Characteristics

  • 1
    Support for different languages and simple localization of the system
  • 2
    Planning and control of employees’ work
  • 3
    Calling to customers and recording of result
  • 4
    Ensuring information security
  • 5
    Configuring and delimitation of roles and accesses for different groups of users
  • 6
    System is focused on simplicity of the whole workflow
  • 7
    Information is available from any location where there is Internet
  • 8
    Providing the forming of reports